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Tech & Innovations

Our innovations are changing the industry, and that's just the beginning.


Intelli-shock logo
We at Rival are proud to be the first in the boxing and MMA world to use d3o Intelligent Shock Absorption in our line of equipment.
d3o™ Intelligent Shock Absorption™ is a patented shock absorbing material, engineered with Intelligent Molecules. At slow speeds the molecules inside d3o™ flow freely making it soft and flexible, whereas at high speeds the molecules lock together to become an excellent shock absorber. 
d3o™ offers considerably more protection than conventional foams, making it the perfect solution to enhance the internal protection in equipment and accessories.
As an example, with our new RB10-d3o Intelli-shock Bag gloves, seeing as the d3o™ hardens upon contact, not only have we been able to reduce the amount of energy transferred to the body by 40%*, which means that there is a drastic reduction of stress upon impact,  but we have also been able to make the glove approximately 38%* lighter than regular bag gloves with gel technology available on the market.

Ergo-Lace-Track System©

Wrist-lock2 logoThis innovative dual angle "V" strap offers the most optimal wrist and palm support like no other on the market.

Ergo-Lace-Track System©

Ergo lace track logo
In our effort to strive towards a new standard in boxing glove design, we invented the “Ergo Lace Track System ©”.
The X-Lace Tracks on the cuff for perfect lacing every time. Laces “disappear” into Lace Track to eliminate lace burns.
The 15° angled “Lace track” at wrist  for best anatomical fit ever.

Ergo-Strap System©

In our effort to strive towards a new standard in boxing glove design, we invented the “Ergo Stap System ©”.

The 15° angled “Strap at wrist  follows the angle of your wrist for best anatomical fit ever.

Offered in single or double strap.


The “Wrist-Lock” Strapping system offers optimal wrist support and a perfect fit every time.

The reversing strap provides an equal fit on each side with maximum adjustment.


The wedgeNobody has ever put so much effort into a punch mitt, but at Rival we realize that a good coach works as hard as his boxers.

It is a perfect anatomic design with the  protective “Wedge” never before seen on a punch mitt.