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Rival Protective Mask

In our continuing effort to encourage social responsibility and to help facilitate it for you, Rival is proud to introduce a washable, protective, NON-MEDICAL face mask.

Handmade in Canada using a super soft, cotton-based fabric, this mask is perfectly cut to fit almost anyone. Designed using lace-up attachments with adjustable cord-locks, this mask can be adapted to any head size giving you the “just right" fit you’re looking for.

As the world slowly comes out of this pandemic, we believe that the wearing of a protective face mask will become mandatory when in the workplace, gym or in public. We think it will even be made mandatory for use in the corner with your fighters.

We are confident you will enjoy the fit, feel and comfort of this Rival face mask.


  • Polyester/Spandex/Rayon/Cotton;
  • Lace-up Attachments with Adjustable Cord-locks;
  • Washable;
  • Not Certified for Medical Use;
  • Handmade in Canada.

Enclosed you will find two (2) cord locks:

  • Choose your preferred method of securing your mask. Option A or B in the illustration;
  • The orange tab should be outside on the left side of your face;
  • Pinch the tie ribbon between your fingers;
  • Press the button on the cord lock to open the hole;
  • Insert the tie ribbon;
  • Adjust as needed.


Face masks can become contaminated on the outside, or when touched by your hands. When wearing a mask, take the following precautions to protect yourself:

  • Avoid touching your face mask while using it;
  • You must wash your hands immediately before putting it on and immediately after taking it off (in addition to practicing good hand hygiene while wearing it);
  • It should fit well (non-gaping);
  • You should not share it with others;
  • Change a cloth mask as soon as it gets damp or soiled. Place the mask into a washing bag and put it directly into the washing machine;
  • Cloth masks can be laundered with other items using a hot cycle, and then dried thoroughly;
  • This mask can also be hand washed in hot water and soap.


These types of masks may NOT be effective in blocking virus particles that may be transmitted by coughing, sneezing or certain medical procedures. They do not provide complete protection from virus particles because of a potential loose fit and the materials used.

For more information, please visit the Government of UK website.

Mask purchases are FINAL SALE. This product cannot be returned.

* The product may vary from the picture.

* The product may vary from the images shown.

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